The CRM Management Master Class:

Lesson 2:
Quantifying the Value of Your Digital Brand 

"So you spent all this money branding, you spent all this money developing your website, and then you're spending more money with ads to drive traffic to your website, and many organizations aren't tracking this."

CRM Best Practices: Marketing Team

  • 0:10 Value of adding content to your CRM Library
  • 1:00 Tracking impact of your website and Google Ads
  • 2:00 Connecting lead sources to CRM
  • 4:00 Integrating email marketing and dashboard reporting
  • 4:40 Tracking engagement with the content you produce
  • 5:00 Evaluate your investment with real-time analytics



Lesson 1:
Exploring the Value of CRM for Your Organization

"Regardless of the methodology that we're utilizing it always seems to come back to CRM — CRM as a tool but also is the obstacle that we all face."

Meet Lauren Zak:

  • Director of Account Development
  • 5+ years of experience helping customers solve Sales pain points to increase revenue

CRM by the Numbers:

  • 22% of Sales people don't know what a CRM is
  • 34%+ of Sales reps spend over an hour entering data into CRM daily
  • 80%+ of leads fail to convert without a defined process


Originally presented by Lauren Zak , Director of Account Development at Concept Services, during the MHEDA Sales & Marketing Regional Networking Summit held at Concept Services Headquarters on August 8th, 2019.


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