Concept Videos

As a sales development agency, Concept offers videos ranging in topics from tips and tricks to generating opportunities to creating to new reports in Salesforce. 

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Concept, a full-service sales development agency, is redefining sales development through our partnerships with our clients through design, implementation, and execution of their B2B sales and marketing strategies.

About Us

Concept is your sales development expert with over 18 years of full-funnel, lead management experience. We help your company grow with custom CRM consulting, business development, and digital marketing solutions.


Take a look at Concept’s 26,000 square foot facility where we provide custom sales development with full-funnel lead management solutions that include outbound calling, CRM services, and digital marketing.

Choosing Us

Learn the value of outsourcing sales development to Concept and how we can provide your company with a full lead management solution customized to fit your needs.


Watch Lauren Zak, Director of Account Development, discuss the importance of industry association memberships like MHEDA and hosting their regional networking summit in 2019.

Value of CRM

CRM is a tool but can also be an obstacle that we all face. Watch Lauren Zak discuss best practices for implementation and integration of CRMs into material handling businesses.

SDR Outbound Calling

Concept works with our clients to assist with identifying a sales development strategy or call messaging that includes value propositions - to effectively navigate a discussion.

Opportunities Webinar

With 15+ years of experience generating new opportunities for our customers, Concept is offering a training session to help sales professionals be more successful on the phone.

Setup a Pipeline Report

Watch Jared Soell, Concept CRM Project Manager, as he walks you through step-by-step how to set up an actionable report like sales pipeline report in Salesforce.

CRM How To Training Series

Whether you have your hands in Salesforce every day or you work in a Salesforce role that supports Sales and Marketing, we have developed a video series to help you out.

Concept CRM Testimonial

"Concept is skilled at listening to what Electronic Merchant Systems wants to accomplish and at finding efficient ways to accomplish requests for new reporting in Salesforce"

Concept CRM Testimonial

“We’ve had really good luck with Concept to understand and create modules for us that are already up and running in our Salesforce CRM that saves us hundreds of hours of time”